Attractive returns in agriculture


At AG-ADVICE, we work dedicated and purposefully to deliver ambitious and stable returns to our investors.

We utilize our extensive experience in agricultural operations and agricultural investments – including screening, optimization, daily operation, and sales of projects. AG-ADVICE has a strong and well-developed network throughout Europe, which continuously presents projects with great potential and favorable conditions.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we select the most attractive projects. Once the projects have been selected, AG-ADVICE contributes to the growth and operation of the farms to ensure thorough operations and stable yields. Our goal is clear: We want to offer our investors the most attractive investment projects in the agricultural investment market.



Jesper Brunhøj Jensen

CEO and owner of AG-ADVICE

Jesper has a strong profile with more than 30 years of experience in farming and agricultural investments.

Our strengths

Experience and knowledge

AG-ADVICE has extensive experience in the entire investment process. From the selection of the right areas, crops, and climate to the daily operation of agriculture, marketing, and distribution of the harvested crops. This knowledge is a great asset for our investors.

Network and criteria

We are referred to interesting agricultural projects from our strong network, which extends across Europe. AG-ADVICE screens the referred projects according to strict criteria in relation to growth and untapped potential. Our focus is on healthy projects that can deliver stable returns.


At AG-ADVICE, you get a workplace driven by passion and commitment.